VOX Musica presents: MAACAM at Beatnik

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Last Saturday and Sunday night, the house was packed at Beatnik. The audience was there to see local violin master Joe Kye performing with Sacramento’s all female choir Vox Musica, accompanied by the exciting young pianist and composer Derek Sup. Organized and conducted by Daniel Paulson, the performance was stylish, exciting and moving. The audience both nights was swept into a sonic voyage of intrigue and discovery through the sound of delicate instrumentation and harmonized voices. These are special moments at Beatnik when such an intimate and magical experience can come together to uplift and inspire a grateful and attentive audience.

The show began with Joe Kye on center stage, building and looping a sonic landscape with his violin. The voices of the choir began in the crowd and from all corners of the room as the choir was spread throughout the space. As the performance moved on, the choir moved toward the center of the room and created a circle of sound. Several times I heard comments of awe and wonder about the depth of the sound coming from the stage.

Each song ended with passionate applause from the audience and each set ended with a standing ovation. Here you see the crowd on their feet cheering as the performers wrap up the finale.

People lingered long after to look and wonder at the magical devices Joe uses to spin his gold.

Joe Kye, Daniel Paulson and Derek Sup make for a very talented and stylish team. Thanks for the performance, come back any time!

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Come to the next VOX Musica performance at Beatnik on April 3rd and keep in touch at http://www.voxmusica.net

Keep in touch with Joe Kye at http://www.joekye.com

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