Studio Visit: Felicia Gabaldon

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

We visited Felicia at her light-filled studio at the Faultline Artspace in Oakland and were able to talk with her about her beautiful work.

Gabaldon grew up in the southwest immersed in a confluence of cultural influences. Through her art she represents her Choctaw, Chickasaw, Spanish, and Mexican heritage. There is a spiritual reverence toward nature, women, and the cycles of life that is present in Gabaldon’s work. Her paintings are a meditation on her own identity rendered in bright, velvety gouache. She combines the raw wood texture of the panels she paints on with smooth paint application, resulting in work that is rich in both color and symbolism.

For Gabaldon, it is important to represent herself as an indigenous person as well as Mexican and Spanish.  She blends elements of folklore with Catholic iconography, symbolically rendering nature and the human experience. In her journey as an artist, Gabaldon has experimented with different styles of art, and describes experimentation as a way for her to get to the essence of what kind of art she feels most connected to creating.

There is an a striking authenticity in Gabaldon’s work, and we are excited to be showing her alongside Joshua Tremain and Erica Avila in “Desert Songs” opening June 7th.

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Words: Helena Zittel

Photography: Lumi Photography

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