Raphael Delgado Studio Visit

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Light / Weight

New Works By Raphael Delgado

Raphael Delgado’s recent series of paintings depart from his more restrained, psychological work into something more free-flowing and geologically-inspired. Beatnik’s August show “Light / Weight” is a meditation on the feeling of being immersed and obscured by the power of nature.

Delgado’s work up until now has been controlled, with a heavy figural emphasis, but in his new pieces he utilizes space as a window into something else. Layers of dynamic, swishy brushstrokes recede infinitely and have movement outside the space of the canvas.

The new direction in Delgado’s work is inspired by his experiences traveling through beautiful and diverse landscapes across America. The experience of places like Kansas, Utah and Denver are transcribed in generous swaths of color. A deep purple mountain range yielding to a soft orange sunset, clouds shaped by wind, and the awesome devastation of a wild fire are all images conjured by Delgado’s work.

“Light / Weight” opens at Beatnik August 3rd with a reception from 6pm – 9pm

Photos by Wes Davis

Writing by Helena Zittel

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