Our Building

Beatnik Studios was founded in 2008 by Lindsay Calmettes and Wes Davis. The two friends met while studying at Sac State and decided to open a shared photography studio together. The business was flexible and creative; soon Beatnik hit it's stride by becoming the first of it's kind mixed use event space / art gallery / photo studio.  After five years on 17th and Broadway in Sacramento, it was time to make a more concrete investment in our city. We decided to dig our heels in, and found the perfect space to grow. In the summer of 2013, we purchased our current space.

The building sits 2 blocks north of Southside Park, on the West end of Sacramento's most talked about R street District. We are right in the middle of some of the best restaurants, bars, music halls and hotels in the city.

723 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Honesty and Hard Work

Lindsay developed her photography skills in the misty hills of northern Oregon where she grew up. As a champion basketball player, she developed an impressive work ethic and relentless drive. Honesty and hard work are at the core of Lindsay’s practice and her vibrant client relations are a reflection of her remarkable character and strong values.

Lindsay Calmettes
Co-Founder & Photographer

Fun Loving and Light Hearted

Wes grew up in the rugged foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains where he developed a love for action and adventure. Years of skateboarding, snowboarding and exploration have given him a unique ability to capture the emotion of motion and excitement of action. Fun loving, light hearted and flexible.

Wes Davis
Co-Founder & Photographer

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Rebecca grew up in Davis, California playing both football and dress up. This combination of toughness and appreciation for all things beautiful has carried over into her abilities as an event coordinator. Rebecca’s passion for coordinating amazing events is only paralleled by her love of her family and the magic of Christmas. 

Rebecca Ferrick
Event Manager

Passionate about Creating

Helena is a UC Davis grad with a degree in art history and English literature. She is passionate about creating a space at Beatnik for people to come together and enjoy great art and conversation. If you ever need a book recommendation or advice on your houseplant care Helena is your gal. 

Helena Zittel
Art Gallery Director

Unique Vision and Eye for Detail

Katherine is a Sacramento native who is detail oriented with a love for design and interiors. With her unique vision and eye for detail, she elevates every event she is a part of. Katherine is also the devoted mother of two fluffy dogs whom she bids “adieu” to each day before she leaves the house. 

Katherine Hogarty
Event Specialist